The Brood

The virus has a large and limitless variation. Until brood started to appear, no mutation had ever repeated. The brood have different varieties and level of maturity. Each variety has different base abilities


Alabaster white skin and dark piercing eye. They have skin like stone. They leap cling as a form of movement. As an attack they have sharp teeth and and a piercing scream. They sprung from the loins of Johnny and Sally


These guys are strong


These guys have a spike trick

The Black Tentacles

Remnants of the tentacle dragon possibly. They have presented the ability to drain strength, do a dangerous killing attack and tunnel very quickly. They are vulnerable to sunlight. Physically they are large worm like creatures the size of a man with tentacle like suction cups.


Giant Zombies

Mostly confined to Michigan Giant Zombies are large fleshy humanoids with vast quantities of sloughing skin that ablate most damage. They are immensely strong and vomit a dangerous necrophage. Fortunately they are also very slow.

Normal Zombies

The are rotting humanoid taken over by the virus. One at a time they are not a problem to adults outside of the ick factor. With enough numbers though, their attacks can be a problem for anyone.


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