Everyman Knowledge

Year: 2035

Where you live…

Most communities have walls. They represent a real physical barrier as well as the thought of protection. The level of protection you have determines how wealthy you are.
Or, walls are for the sheep. Real people make their own safety.

What you do…

You work. The best lifestyle requires work. It is the only way to stay inside the wall in some communities. Life outside of the wall requires work of a different type.

The Former USA…

The East Coast (excluding Florida) is held by the remnants of the US government. Holding means a system of walled towns with a few major cities.
Florida is dark swamp full of dangerous animals and people.
The Midwest and the south are small towns sponsored by corporations and local government.
Western Plains are farming plantations held by The Bread Basket Corporation.
Republic of Texas became its own national government. They are over 70% Mexican because of the irony.
West Coast was taken over by aliens. They are tall muscular, ostrich types with sharp axe like beaks.
The Lower Peninsula of Michigan has been walled off. It is the only instance of The Disease being uniform. It is full of zombies.

The World…

You have heard all kinds of stories mostly much of the same. Mostly dark.

Canada is mostly small towns. The weather keeps all but the most committed bad guys from settling.

Mexico was hit like the US with a lot less cleanup.

Getting places…

In the absence of the EPA Oil and gas became really cheap. Distributing it became difficult. For a person in the walls driving is uncommon.

Law and Punishment…

Inside the walls law is usually strict but runs a gamut. Punishment is not soft. Punishment include: having your assets seized; being kicked out; becoming an involuntary worker owned by someone else; death. Notably no one has the resources to house and feed you, so prison is not a real option.
Outside the wall is whatever you can make happen.
Everyone expects really bad guys to die.

The major players…

Battalion… They are what is left of the US military. They are decentralized and no longer in the control of anyone. Although they often work together one Battalion command may not come to the aid of another. They require people to pull their weight or get out. They mostly protect towns from major threat and do mercenary work.

Allied Power… They keep the lights on. They are into energy in about any way they can get it. That could be nuclear energy. It could be pedal power generators. But it’s probably nuclear.

Bread Basket… They feed people. They operate large plantations with robotic equipment.
University…Places of higher education are what kept the world above water. Liberal majors have fallen to the way side. It has to be useful. After the events in [[The Tentacle Monsters and Purple goop. | The Tentacle Monsters and Purple goop.]] bread basket has lost the ability to farm.

Go-Ora…This company does data and communications. They are unique because they are free. They help with any sort of data or communications. Creepy huh?
And More…

Your Roommates…

There is something wrong with them. But everyone knows one or two. Some people won’t have kids. You never know what The Disease is going to make. It would be cool to fly though.

You could be one of these guys minus the silly ax beak form.

Some of them are ok… Some are just scary. It would be cool to be super. They can make ass loads of money.

There is a difference between villains and monsters.

The Other Dimension

There are other dimensions out there. One in particular is changing everything for the worse. Strange towers are popping up. A mountain was being built from the top down. Some monsters are obviously not from here.

Everyman Knowledge

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