Post Viral Mess

The Tentacle Monsters and Purple goop.

The sun the bell and the black tentacles

Ellison told a lie of omission and Bazooka Girl figure it out. This led to Sinic convincing General Blake that an aircraft was needed to hop over to Indiana. In Indiana there is a farmers field with a giant puddle of purple goo with a tree growing out of the edge. Under this is The Standing Sun pinned by a bell.

VoidWalker wades into the goo and gets a 10 point multipower. Eventually everyone wades in or (bathes) except Vektor. By the end of the session the party is able to change the power once a day.

Black Tentacles. Below ground are black tentacles. Possible remnants of the tentacle dragon. They put up a minor fight with the party and immediately disperse when the bell is rung.

The party returns to Columbus bringing along with them two tentacles, the bell and a drum of purple goo.

At the end of the encounter. There was a large Earthquake and what the team suspects is a large Volcanic eruption in the Western US

2 Experience to all attending.


OnelastHoorah OnelastHoorah

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