Post Viral Mess

Tentacles in the field

Get the fucking bell out of here

The team found out some things.

  1. They need to get rid of the bell.
  2. The general is holding onto to New Columbus and it might be a bad idea.
  3. VoidWalker looked into the void and found 2 different spots where the dimensions touch.

They took the bell out of town into southeast Ohio and set it on the ground. The tentacles followed and began to emerge from the ground. A large fight ensued and the tentacles lost. They team did manage to get a little banged up in the fray. The Yank rang the bell causing an explosive killing attack. Big boys big toys.

A couple of interesting things to note. The tentacle dissolve into the ground. The bell changed when it was rang at the university.

2 experience to all that attended.


OnelastHoorah OnelastHoorah

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