Post Viral Mess

Poor sad Ax Beak

After Omaha the team had an appointment with an Ax Beak. Bazooka Girl intercepted communications between Mr X.(Ax Beak) and Jo Meat a strength mutant in New Columbus. She arranged to pick up the package a day earlier. And have an unidentified Jo Meat pick up a cleverly crafted duplicate.

Void Walker was staking out the Package Office while Jo picked up the package. As luck would not have it, an invisible Void Walker fell from the ceiling taking a huge chunk of drywall with him. This freaked out Jo who quickly ditched the package in an alley and drove off.

The party tracked Jo to his home that he shares with his wife and child. They asked for a favor in the future for their silence. As a member of brigade he could be removed from New Columbus.

The device is a teleport pad. Bazooka Girl turned the design over to GoOra for a favor. The team then proceeded to go to a remote location and ambush Mr. X. They took him below zero in less than two phases. Fortunately for Mr. X he had another teleport pad strapped to his body that would take him back. His feathers are numbered for just such an emergency. The initial pad is scrap.

The team then spoke to the Standing Sun. He filled them in. The brood come from a passing dimension trying to lock in place, make a bridge, invade, consume. The good folks at Michigan University opened a book and performed a ritual. That led to massive zombie badness. The team was sent to the U of M to retrieve the tome. They encountered some Zombies that would mow down normal people. The group was unimpressed and handled them easily. They were able to retrieve the book after it tried to mind control Cynic I believe.

3 experience for those in attendance. 2 encounters


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