The Disease

Name: Mutandis Mercuric, Scourge, Mutant Plague
Vector: Multiple
What is it: Extra Normal Super Virus
Origin: University of Michigan

What happened: 95% of global population died between 2014 and 2018. 4% got the disease but were unchanged. The remaining 1% mutated.

Mutation was typically physically harmless, and useless, involving any variety of unusual things. Examples run the spectrum from strangely colored skin all the way to non working wings. These had horrible psychological effects on people’s minds. Youth was the best at handling the change. This caused depression, violence, and a whole new set of reasons to hate.

Some people were changed for the worse. They were still able to live but lost function. Lungs that don’t work right, or part of their body transformed to metal slowly poisoning the rest. Again the examples are almost as varied. These people mostly died. The ones that lived are at best an underclass.

1 in 100,000 got lucky. They have some advantage over the normal population. They may be faster, stronger, or smarter. They may be able to transform their body in some way, or live without breathing. A gifted gadgeteer or talented agent could come from here.

1 in 20,000,000 got really lucky. These few got more than one really beneficial mutation. You could be one of the really lucky.

The Disease

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