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Tearing up the book

Log 01/18-02/02

An earthquake hits Ohio. One teams investigates the book leaving at high speed. The other team helps clear rubble. A giant hole opened where Johnstown used to be. As the team approaches a giant tentacle dragon like thing bursts out of the hole. Standing Sun gives chase and the team investigates the hole.

The hole leads to another dimension. There is a puzzles room. Yank is helped by another intelligence with clues on how to go through. After that there is a huge problems with some tough dead flowers, adult white brood, and a sea monster. Radiation afflicted some team members. Raisinaire manages to tunnel through the walls and bypass a lot of problems. They go to the end of the tunnel system and find a very complex rotating globe. Inside is a white insect demon thing doing something.

The team charges ahead. Some bounce off the globe. Bazooka girl leaves because of a shoe sale. Void Walker teleports in easily and finds the sea monsters. Rasinaire is paralyzed by the thought of water. Anyway the big bad white insect is eventually defeated. Major mind power was thrown about. Making Bazooka Girl buy shoes. It failed to force Void Walker and did not like being touched by Yank. Rasinaire kept the sea monsters in check. The team finally put the monster down. After which he morphed into the book.

5 experience total 01/18 2 and 02/01 3

The book

The team went to see the scientists presented by the senator. The book had a great time. Proof was presented to the US government that there is a threat

1 experience for everyone that attended.

Strongest Man in the World

This was a mission with 2 elements.
1. Be the strongest man in the world.
2. Convince Senator Bridge that there is a huge threat and the world is in danger.

On the other side the entire thing was an attempt to nab Yank.

The Yank took home the trophy. Bazooka Girl managed to convince the Senator to send some scientists to look into it.

2 Experience for all in attendance.

Poor sad Ax Beak

After Omaha the team had an appointment with an Ax Beak. Bazooka Girl intercepted communications between Mr X.(Ax Beak) and Jo Meat a strength mutant in New Columbus. She arranged to pick up the package a day earlier. And have an unidentified Jo Meat pick up a cleverly crafted duplicate.

Void Walker was staking out the Package Office while Jo picked up the package. As luck would not have it, an invisible Void Walker fell from the ceiling taking a huge chunk of drywall with him. This freaked out Jo who quickly ditched the package in an alley and drove off.

The party tracked Jo to his home that he shares with his wife and child. They asked for a favor in the future for their silence. As a member of brigade he could be removed from New Columbus.

The device is a teleport pad. Bazooka Girl turned the design over to GoOra for a favor. The team then proceeded to go to a remote location and ambush Mr. X. They took him below zero in less than two phases. Fortunately for Mr. X he had another teleport pad strapped to his body that would take him back. His feathers are numbered for just such an emergency. The initial pad is scrap.

The team then spoke to the Standing Sun. He filled them in. The brood come from a passing dimension trying to lock in place, make a bridge, invade, consume. The good folks at Michigan University opened a book and performed a ritual. That led to massive zombie badness. The team was sent to the U of M to retrieve the tome. They encountered some Zombies that would mow down normal people. The group was unimpressed and handled them easily. They were able to retrieve the book after it tried to mind control Cynic I believe.

3 experience for those in attendance. 2 encounters

The rescue of Fred Deere

With the direction of Brigade the team goes to extract Fred Deere. Raisin with his tunneling powers digs a hole down to the level of the basement where he is trapped. The area is filled with gas and has two active gun turrets. The team takes them out with not a lot of effort and proceeds to open the impenetrable vault via computer.

The gray brood close in. Raisin intercepts about 1/4 mile out. He pops up and attacks an adult. He is then grabbed and pummeled into coma. Void Walker closes with Yank and then gets the hell away. The brood are picked off in short order. One surprise comes while chasing the gray adult. He turns around and moves through yank and VW doing a lot of stun.

The vault is opened. The gas clears out and Fred is found to be a brain in a jar interrupted while transferring to another machine. He pleads with the party to put him in a chopper and get him out of there. They eventually agree, and take Fred and his equipment back to Columbus.

Raisin takes down the mountain by tunneling through the wall.

3 experience for those in attendance

Omaha and the Giant Screw

Rollerbabe figures out that Mr. X is up to something. He is able to intercept an email between X and a confederate in New Columbus. The team is setting up an interception.

Meanwhile, Breadbasket has called for help. There is a large wall growing in Omaha and a mountain being built upside down. They encounter three types of creature: Gray child brood, The Gray Man, and Screw Arcs with brain bugs. Wait that’s for. The wall that they create is radioactive. The Screw Arcs have a close NND radioactive attack. The Gray Man has Armor Piercing Killing. He almost kills The Yank. The children knock out Bazooka Girl. Cynic shows up for about 1 phase only to be knocked out. NND presence drain by the Rasin makes several enemies ineffective. The team takes out the children first. The bugs stop the arcs to concentrate on Voidwalker. They almost get Voidwalker.

Anyway the Arcs are stopped the Wall it breached by Rasin. Rasin is about to head off take out the inner wall when he held up. There is a scientist the brigade would like to collect.

2 Experience for all who were there. Not Tom.

Down on the farm

Cynic learns from his military contact that GoOra is monitoring the world. In fact they are very concerned about the brood. There seem to be multiple types of brood with the successful types being boosted and the unsuccessful ones disappearing. GoOra sees this as a threat to the world. All of Eastern Ohio is dead brood haven eaten them.

The group go out to look at the free farmer James Landry. They find slaughter and come upon some brood children. They took them out easily. Hindsight would say –OCV to swing that tree Yank. Unless you took time to strip branches. Tree farmer encounter attacked.

On the way back from the farmers house their vehicle is attacked by a drone aircraft and destroyed. The US Army is looking for The Yank again.

2 experience for all the attendees.

Muncie and the Standing Sun

The long standing phenomena of the man orbiting the world stops. The team is directed to recover the person in Muncie Indiana. They get a ride from Lt. Lucky Jenkins.

They roof of the building has a group from, they found out later, bread basket. Some choppers and mercenary named Johnson. They are standing off watching the parking lot. The parking lot has several gray brood digging in the crater. The Yank closes. Upon seeing the team the brood immediately close to attach. Bazooka Girl fires a NND that takes out the entire group of gray brood. Next time they will cover their ears.

About now two things happen. Johnson jumps down next to Voidwalker says,”Were gonna need that spaceman”. Voidwalker replies by blasting him into the building. Note to party: Voidwalker seems tense. Secondly, A gray thorn man appears and starts a teleporting escape which he succeeds with.

The choppers attach Voidwalker knocking him out. FUBAR hops over and Aids VoidWalker bringing him back to life. Bazooka Girl gets taken out by choppers. They are really hard to hit. Unless you throw cars. The Yank thows a lot of cars. Eventually Voidwalker’s enegry weapon does the trick.

The team is instructed to bring back this new version of the brood, and the Standing Sun. Sinik, after careful consideration , kills all the remaining enemy combatants.

2 exp for the people present.

Johnstown Pt 2

The team races to the center of town to search for Sally somewhere under ground. They are watched by children the entire time. Sally starts to attach The Yank with some success. Voidwalker searches around and eventually finds a hole in the basement of the department store leading to huge excavations underground. One thought, this was not dug by babies. They encounter 2 downflowers that are taken out by The Cynic and autofire. Opening a large metal door, thanks Yank, the Cynic races down the hall into the middle of a huge explosion. At which point he races the other way. After that they race to get to Sally and the hole.
The first person to enter the room with Sally encounters a dark figure dripping shadows. He promises doom for the team and evaporates into the air. Sally starts acting like a tragic figure instead of the evil mind screw . The team knocks her out and pulls her from all of her jelly flesh. They are taking her back to the University along with some farm machinery that was requested.
The team runs across a free farmer on the road. He grows pot, soybeans, and some corn. The farmer is named James Landry (40yo). He has dark hair and extremely damaged skin, with angry red cracking and peeling. His other mutation is an incredible constitution and no need for sleep. He works all the time. His defense includes a 44 magnum that he keeps on him all the time. He also has a couple of wives that may not be there of their own will.
3 experience for all the people that were there.

Johnstown Pt 1

After consideration, the team brings the entire gaggle of babies back to OSU. They go out and look for signs in the wilderness of the brood. Finding none, they return to the university to question Johnny Black. Johnny, after some smooth/rough talking by The Cynic, tells them that Johnstown is the location and that he wants Sally back. But, they should kill her barring that.

The team goes to the Johnstown and scouts around in daylight receiving 2 clues. First the power has been cut all over town. Second there are tracks going to one house in housing. They storm the house and kill the occupants some down flowers and brood while being attacked by Sally mentally.

There are 2 exp for those people that took part.


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