Post Viral Mess

The rescue of Fred Deere

With the direction of Brigade the team goes to extract Fred Deere. Raisin with his tunneling powers digs a hole down to the level of the basement where he is trapped. The area is filled with gas and has two active gun turrets. The team takes them out with not a lot of effort and proceeds to open the impenetrable vault via computer.

The gray brood close in. Raisin intercepts about 1/4 mile out. He pops up and attacks an adult. He is then grabbed and pummeled into coma. Void Walker closes with Yank and then gets the hell away. The brood are picked off in short order. One surprise comes while chasing the gray adult. He turns around and moves through yank and VW doing a lot of stun.

The vault is opened. The gas clears out and Fred is found to be a brain in a jar interrupted while transferring to another machine. He pleads with the party to put him in a chopper and get him out of there. They eventually agree, and take Fred and his equipment back to Columbus.

Raisin takes down the mountain by tunneling through the wall.

3 experience for those in attendance


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