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Tearing up the book

Log 01/18-02/02

An earthquake hits Ohio. One teams investigates the book leaving at high speed. The other team helps clear rubble. A giant hole opened where Johnstown used to be. As the team approaches a giant tentacle dragon like thing bursts out of the hole. Standing Sun gives chase and the team investigates the hole.

The hole leads to another dimension. There is a puzzles room. Yank is helped by another intelligence with clues on how to go through. After that there is a huge problems with some tough dead flowers, adult white brood, and a sea monster. Radiation afflicted some team members. Raisinaire manages to tunnel through the walls and bypass a lot of problems. They go to the end of the tunnel system and find a very complex rotating globe. Inside is a white insect demon thing doing something.

The team charges ahead. Some bounce off the globe. Bazooka girl leaves because of a shoe sale. Void Walker teleports in easily and finds the sea monsters. Rasinaire is paralyzed by the thought of water. Anyway the big bad white insect is eventually defeated. Major mind power was thrown about. Making Bazooka Girl buy shoes. It failed to force Void Walker and did not like being touched by Yank. Rasinaire kept the sea monsters in check. The team finally put the monster down. After which he morphed into the book.

5 experience total 01/18 2 and 02/01 3


OnelastHoorah OnelastHoorah

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