Post Viral Mess

Omaha and the Giant Screw

Rollerbabe figures out that Mr. X is up to something. He is able to intercept an email between X and a confederate in New Columbus. The team is setting up an interception.

Meanwhile, Breadbasket has called for help. There is a large wall growing in Omaha and a mountain being built upside down. They encounter three types of creature: Gray child brood, The Gray Man, and Screw Arcs with brain bugs. Wait that’s for. The wall that they create is radioactive. The Screw Arcs have a close NND radioactive attack. The Gray Man has Armor Piercing Killing. He almost kills The Yank. The children knock out Bazooka Girl. Cynic shows up for about 1 phase only to be knocked out. NND presence drain by the Rasin makes several enemies ineffective. The team takes out the children first. The bugs stop the arcs to concentrate on Voidwalker. They almost get Voidwalker.

Anyway the Arcs are stopped the Wall it breached by Rasin. Rasin is about to head off take out the inner wall when he held up. There is a scientist the brigade would like to collect.

2 Experience for all who were there. Not Tom.


OnelastHoorah OnelastHoorah

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