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Muncie and the Standing Sun

The long standing phenomena of the man orbiting the world stops. The team is directed to recover the person in Muncie Indiana. They get a ride from Lt. Lucky Jenkins.

They roof of the building has a group from, they found out later, bread basket. Some choppers and mercenary named Johnson. They are standing off watching the parking lot. The parking lot has several gray brood digging in the crater. The Yank closes. Upon seeing the team the brood immediately close to attach. Bazooka Girl fires a NND that takes out the entire group of gray brood. Next time they will cover their ears.

About now two things happen. Johnson jumps down next to Voidwalker says,”Were gonna need that spaceman”. Voidwalker replies by blasting him into the building. Note to party: Voidwalker seems tense. Secondly, A gray thorn man appears and starts a teleporting escape which he succeeds with.

The choppers attach Voidwalker knocking him out. FUBAR hops over and Aids VoidWalker bringing him back to life. Bazooka Girl gets taken out by choppers. They are really hard to hit. Unless you throw cars. The Yank thows a lot of cars. Eventually Voidwalker’s enegry weapon does the trick.

The team is instructed to bring back this new version of the brood, and the Standing Sun. Sinik, after careful consideration , kills all the remaining enemy combatants.

2 exp for the people present.


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