Post Viral Mess

Down on the farm

Cynic learns from his military contact that GoOra is monitoring the world. In fact they are very concerned about the brood. There seem to be multiple types of brood with the successful types being boosted and the unsuccessful ones disappearing. GoOra sees this as a threat to the world. All of Eastern Ohio is dead brood haven eaten them.

The group go out to look at the free farmer James Landry. They find slaughter and come upon some brood children. They took them out easily. Hindsight would say –OCV to swing that tree Yank. Unless you took time to strip branches. Tree farmer encounter attacked.

On the way back from the farmers house their vehicle is attacked by a drone aircraft and destroyed. The US Army is looking for The Yank again.

2 experience for all the attendees.


OnelastHoorah OnelastHoorah

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