Post Viral Mess

Car parts and the Giant Zombies

Wherein the ash falls the car parts are stolen and the bell rings untrue

Ash falls on the town and the team helps how they can. Rasinaire scouts for an underground hideout. The Yank helps move a reactor. And some other things. Most things are dying and the cattle is winnowed. Crops are brought in immature and unripe. The inventors in the group help make a street sweeper with lasers and a water filter with lasers. Because they like lasers.

They foil a robbery of the free area Vektor is found to be squishy and over confident. The mooks are taken out but the main villan is able to escape.

Later the bell is rung again, but instead of driving away tentacles, it summons 3 giant zombies. They vomit and are very resistant to damage, but the group manages to take them out. San Rocketeer shows up and keep the yank out of the fight until the end. He is sent to the brigade but later is bailed out by a Senator. Boys will be boys.

All present get 2 experience


OnelastHoorah OnelastHoorah

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